What is it?

The Streetwise YPF is a group of young people (aged 16 - 25) who aim to provide all of the young people who access Streetwise with a voice – a voice that is heard and listened to by Streetwise, local government, by providers of services for young people and by any other agencies who have an interest in the views and needs of young people.

The aim of the YPF is to engage its participants in the day-to-day running of the service and support the outreach activities we run. The Streetwise staff and management team receive and value the Forum's views and opinions on all of its activities; in order to ensure that we are responsive to the needs of young people.

Forum members are dedicated to their role and regularly attend meetings and public forums to discuss the concerns and issues of its constituents. We also take on additional projects as often as we can to further improve the lives of all young people in Bury.

They are committed to helping and representing young people and their needs.

How does it work?

The Streetwise 2000 Young Person’s Forum aims to act as a voice for the views and opinions of young people. It does this by meeting regularly and:

  • Identifying what young people think about various issues, what they feel is important and what they would like to see changed.
  • Informing young people of the different services, groups and opportunities available to them.
  • Involving young people in decisions that affect them and in the development of services and activities that exist for them.
  • Influencing others to encourage them to listen to young people and respond to their needs and wishes.
  • Campaigning on important issues to try to bring about change or improvements for the benefit of young people.
  • Promoting positive images of young people and highlighting the contribution they make to the community.
  • Supporting young people to be happy, healthy and safe and help them to achieve their full potential and have fun.

Already accessing Streetwise? The YPF and You

The YPF are here to ensure your voice is heard and you are supported by your peers during your time with Streetwise. YPF members can advocate on your behalf (speak to staff for you, or support you when you chose to feedback your views), communicate important information to you, obtain feedback from you to pass on to Streetwise; and support you throughout this process. Confidentiality is a priority within the YPF; and your concerns or feedback will not be discussed any further than the Streetwise team (and this includes not being discussed throughout the forum).

The YPF is NOT there to provide emotional support to young people who feel they have a personal issue with their health and wellbeing. YPF members can be requested to support young people during appointments with their key worker; however it is important young people do not offload their personal issues on to YPF members, as they will be simply directed to a member of the staff team.

If you have any concerns, complaints, feedback or queries about Streetwise, please do not hesitate to discuss this with a member of the YPF who will be happy to support you and advocate on your behalf.

Want to get involved?

We feel that joining the YPF is a really positive experience for the young people involved. Members get experience of developing thoughts and arguments, and gain confidence in their own views and opinions.

Members have an opportunity to develop a range of new skills, or build on those they already have, in areas such as teamwork, presentation skills and communication skills. We also encourage members to mention the Forum on their CV and in employment/ educational application forms. Please speak to a member of staff or a member of the YPF for more information.

If you have any issues that you think the YPF can help you with or if there’s anything you think needs action to bring to the attention of decision makers and management, then please get in touch.

The Young Person’s Forum is a warm and welcoming group devoting their time to making sure the voices of young people are heard. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in to contact with us. The more young people we get involved, the bigger difference we can make!